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September 1998

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Items of Interest

July 4th 1998 marks the sixteenth year of the Archive's existence within the precincts of the University of Sydney Library. The Archive now has its own web site at Sydney University, which gives details of catalogue holdings and archive publications.

We wish to thank Gary Luke for giving the Archive a spot on his website for Australian Jewish Genealogy for a little over twelve months till the Archive obtained its own site.


The Archive collection continues to be supplemented by the donations. We wish to thank the following:
  • Mrs Sophie Caplan for her regular sending of ephemera.
  • Mrs Ilana Cohen for additional ephemera.
  • Mrs Josie Lacey for From Suceava to Sydney by Fred Grunseit, which relates the story of her family.
  • Mrs Bertha Porush for some papers from Rabbi Porush's collection on the New South Wales Council of Christians and Jews (1943-1948), Russian Jewry and correspondence.
  • Temple Beth Israel for a copy of the compact disc: The Musical Tradition of the Jewish Reform Congregation in Berlin. This CD, published by Beth HaTefutsoth contains a selection of music from the recordings brought by Dr Herman Schildberger who emigrated to Australia in 1939. Dr Schildberger had been music director of the Reform Congregation in Berlin, and had arranged and published a complete anthology of the music used for the community synagogue services. The original recordings were made between 1928-1930 with a professional choir of one hundred voices. Rabbi John Levi of Temple Beth Israel, in Melbourne brought this music to the attention of the Museum in 1994.
  • The New South Jewish Board of Deputies, and the Australian Jewish Historical Society for copies of With One Voice, which was edited by Suzanne Rutland and Sophie Caplan and relates the history of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies over the last half century.


Mi Adir and Sheva B'rochot and also Phantasia Judaica (Boaz Bischofswerder), which was initially composed on the Dunera may be purchased from the Archivist for $20 each plus postage ($5 local, $10 overseas).

The second edition of the Bibliography of Australian Judaica (1991) is available from: Marianne Dacy. (Address as below), with a $5.00 charge to cover postage and packaging. Multiple copies of the bibliography will be sent on request with a cover charge for postage.

Copies of Monograph No 9: Early Australian Zionism. An Annotated Index of Records in the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem. 50pp are also available from the Archivist for $5.00+ $1.00 postage ($3.00 overseas).

Eight copies remain of Wolf Matsdorf's: No Time to Grow: The Story of the Gros Breeseners in Australia. vi, 144pp. ($10.00 + postage - $5.00 (Australia) - $10.00 (overseas)).

In addition, Monograph No. 11, Archive of Australian Judaica Holdings 1983-1997, 49p. is available for $15.0 + $2.00 postage (local) - $4.00 (overseas). The updates to the catalogue are now on the internet, only a limited number of hard copies of the 1997 catalogue, Monograph No.11 have been printed and are available on request. The catalogue will continue to be updated on the internet, as well as some copies printed on request.

Three more publications of the Mandelbaum Publishing series have also recently appeared and are available from Mrs Nancy Hickson , C/ -Semitic Studies, University of Sydney 2006.

These publications are:

  • Israel Kipen's: Ahad Ha-am: The Zionism of the Future. 1997 (Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica no 9) $20.00. Postage $5.00 (Australia) $12.00 (overseas).
  • Glenn Gordon's: Guardians of Zion: the Shomrim in Australia 1939-1944, (Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica no 6)
  • Eliyahu Honig's Zionism in Australia 1920-1939: the Formative Years. (Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica no 7).

    These last two books are priced at $40 each. Postage $5 (Australia) or $A12 (overseas).

    Archive Publications in Progress

    Louis Kahan, Kew Hebrew CongregationThe editing of the Union list of Australian Jewish Periodicals is almost completed. It was first published in 1986, and then in 1987 was included as a section in the first edition of: A Bibliography of Australian Judaica (Liberman and Young).

    A second publication, an expanded listing of Australian Jewish archives in the Central Zionist Archives is also in progress. It is planned that these works will be put "on line" on the website. When finances permit,it is hoped that these will be printed.

    Bischofswerder Papers

    Naomi Bishops, the grandaughter of the former obercantor of the Berlin Reform Synagogue is making a documentary on the life of Boaz Bischofswerder. Featured in the film will be Phantasia Judaica, which was published by the Archive on the reception of a grant of $1000 from the Ethnic Affairs' Commission.

    The Archive continues to attract a wide variety of users who include students from overseas universities, as well as local users who include authors, writers, museum curators, and film makers.

    The Archive wishes to thank the University of Sydney Library for its technical support, especially Ms Kerry Taylor, and the Mandelbaum Trust for supplying the salary of the Archivist.


    Laura Carmichael | Archive of Australian Judaica Advisor 

    Fisher Library | The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006
    E laura.carmichael@sydney.edu.au