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December 1998

ISSN 0814 - 8288

New Archive Web Site

Now that the Archive has its own web site, it has been possible to reach more people, and direct requests for information are arriving from overseas, as well as international visitors coming to visit the Archive when in Sydney.

A new feature has been added to the Archive webpage in the form of a photo archive which currently features items from the Michaelis, Hart and Hallenstein families (Nancy Keesing collection), and a second file on Hepzibah Menuhin (photos from Ruby Rich Collection).

The Archive is located on the University of Sydney Library web site at: http://www.library.usyd.edu.au/judaica


We wish to thank the following who have donated material to the Archive in recent months:

  • Mrs Sophie Caplan for regularly sending of ephemera and journals.
  • Mrs Ilana Cohen for additional ephemera, and information from the Falk Library and the Great Synagogue, Sydney. Mrs Cohen will be working in the Archive on a voluntary basis in December and January.
  • Dr Mark Hertzberg for papers on his grandfather, A.M. Hertzberg and his brother Abraham as well as his uncle Behr Raphael Lewin. The latter was the founder of the Toowoomba synagogue. Included is a copy of letters from A.M. Hertzberg's parents to Mark Hertzberg's father and a letter about Arthur Benjamin, the composer, who was the first cousin of Mark Hertzberg's grandmother, and also a cousin of Colleen Rich, the sister in law of the late Ruby Rich-Schalit, a well known pianist in her youth and staunch feminist.
  • Dr Robert Parker for contributing digital photos to the archive photo exhibition of the Michaelis, Hart and Hallenstein families and for detailed genealogical and biographical notes on these families from records of his father.
Louis Kahan:Creation of Plants


Mi Adir and Sheva B'rochot and Phantasia Judaica (by Boaz Bischofswerder), which was initially composed on the Dunera may be purchased from the Archivist for $20 each plus postage ($5 local, $10 overseas).

The second edition of the Bibliography of Australian Judaica (1991) is available from the Archive for the cost of postage: $2.00 (Australia) and $5.00 overseas. Multiple copies will cost less for postage. The bibliography is a valuable resource for the history of Australian Jewry, and you are urged to take advantage of this offer. Copies picked up directly from the Archive will be free of cost.

Copies of Monograph No 9: Early Australian Zionism. An Annotated Index of Records in the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem. 50pp are also available from the Archivist for $5.00+ $1.00 postage ($3.00 overseas).

Eight copies remain of Wolf Matsdorf's: No Time to Grow: The Story of the Gros Breeseners in Australia. vi, 144pp. ($20.00 + postage - $2.00 (Australia) - $5.00 (overseas).

In addition, a few copies of Monograph No. 11, Archive of Australian Judaica Holdings 1983-1997, 49pp are available for $15.0 + $2.00 postage (local) - $4.00 (overseas). The updates to the catalogue are now on the internet. The catalogue will continue to be updated on the internet, as well as some copies printed on request. A print out of Monograph no 12 will be available in 1999.

Three recent publications of the Mandelbaum Publishing series are available from Mrs Nancy Hickson: Administrative Assistant, Semitic studies, University of Sydney NSW 2006.

These publications are:

  • Israel Kipen's: Ahad Ha-am: The Zionism of the Future. 1997 (Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica no 9) $20.00. Postage $5.00 (Australia) $12.00 (overseas).
  • Glenn Gordon's: Guardians of Zion: the Shomrim in Australia 1939-1944, (Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica no 6) and Eliyahu Honig's Zionism in Australia 1920-1939: the Formative Years. (Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica no 7).

The last two items are priced at $40 each. Postage $5 (Australia) or $12 (overseas).

To purchase these items from the archive, contact the Archivist at the address below.

Archive Publications in Progress

The editing of the Union list of Australian Jewish Periodicals is completed, but has not appeared in hard copy, as yet. It was first published in 1986 and is now available from the Archive webpage as a zip file. This bibliography contains over four hundred titles, and names the libraries where they are housed. Each title is described and includes historical details of the organisation which produced it

A second publication, an expanded listing of Australian Jewish archives in the Central Zionist Archives is also in progress. It is planned that in 1999, this material will be put "on line" on the website. When finances permit, it is hoped that the latter will appear in a printed version.

The Archive continues to attract a wide variety of users who include students from overseas universities, as well as local users who include authors, writers and researchers preparing exhibitions.

The Archive wishes to thank the University of Sydney Library, especially Ms Kerry Taylor for technical support of the Archive, as well as the Mandelbaum Trust for supplying the salary of the Archivist, and the Friends of the Archive for their ongoing support.


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