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June 2003

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The Casual Bulletin now appears on the Archive website. Libraries already on the mailing list to receive the Casual Bulletin who have not received this edition are invited to email Marianne Dacy and the bulletin will be forwarded as an email attachment. Copies are mailed out to the Friends of the Archive.

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The Archive wishes to acknowledge thework of:

* Sophie Caplan for addtional items of ephemera. Over the years these contributions have formed the basis of the archive ephemera collection and have grown into a substantial collection.

* Ilana Cohen for further ephemera to add to the collection.

* Dr Rod Parker who has donated additional CD roms of images and material he has prepared on his ancestry with links up with the Michaelis and Parker families. Dr Parker is continually updating this material.

* Zena Sachs has given the papers of her father Lazarus Sachs who died in 1950. The small box contained handwritten documents in Yiddish written by her father and different hands. One document deliniates a Soviet plan for a Jewish settlement in Birrabaijan in the 1930s.

Miklos Gafni

The archive also wishes to thank * Wangmo who has just donated to the archive five CD's of the recordings of Miklos Gafni (born Miklos Weinstock) a Hungarian Holocaust survivor, whose wonderful tenor voice and the interest of a musical guard saved his life in the death camps. Gafni performed in Europe and America and also in Australia including in 1947, where several of the original records made with AWA (Amalgamated Wireless Australasia) are in the Screensound Archives in Canberra.

Washington Holocaust Museum

In July two members of the Washington Holocaust Museum will visit the archive to organise the microfilming of some of the archive collection. Much of the material in the Archive of Australian Judaica has been donated by Holocaust survivors or their families.

Archive Publications

The sheet music of Mi Adir and Sheva B'rochot and Phantasia Judaica (by Boaz Bischofswerder), which was initially composed on the Dunera may be purchased from the Archivist for AU$22 (includes GST) each plus postage (AU$5 local, AU$10 overseas).

Copies of Monograph No 12: Early Australian Zionism: An Annotated Index of Records in the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem. Part 2. 50pp are available from the Archivist for AU$10.00 (includes GST) + $1.00 postage (AU$3.00 overseas). In addition, copies of the catalogue will continue to be updated on the internet, as well as some copies printed on request.

Available from

Mandelbaum Publishing

There are several publications of the Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica series. These include:

Paul Stenhouse. Kitab al Tarikh of Abu'l Fath: The Chronicle of Abu'l Fath. Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica No. 1. 1985. 400 pp (approx). Stenhouse has translated the whole of this most important of the Samaritan chronicles into English for the first time. Although out of print, microfiche copies are available of the doctoral thesis on which the book is based. A second edition is in preparation. Fiche price AU$110.00. Postage AU$5.00.

Bruce Hall. Samaritan Religion from John Hyrcanus to Baba Rabbah. Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica no 3. 1987. 300pp (approx). This work is a study of the evidence for Samaritan religious practices and beliefs from the time that the Samaritan Temple on Mt Gerizim was destroyed to the period of the great Samaritan reformer and leader Baba Rabbah. AU$37.50. Postage AU$5.00.

Serge Liberman.A Select Bibliography of Australian Judaica (2nd edn) 1991, Laura Gallou (ed). 257pp. This updated edition of the Bibliography of the contribution of Australian Jewry to literature and scholarship forms the definitive guide to literary and social concerns of the Australian Jewish community in its first two centuries. Price AU $65.50. Postage AU$5.00.

Alan D. Crown and Lucy A. Davey (eds). New Samaritan Studies III & IV: Essays in Honour of G. D. Sixdenier1995. Studies in Judaica No. 5. 618pp. (approx). The collection extends the range of studies on the Samaritans and should be an essential purchase for any library with holdings on Samaritan Studies. Price AU$75.00 (paperback only available). Postage AU $10.00 and AU$20.00 (overseas).

Copies of Glenn Gordon's, Guardians of Zion: the Shomrim in Australia 1939-1944 Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica No 6. 224pp. and Eliyahu Honig's Zionism in Australia 1920-1939: the Formative Years Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica No 7. 1997. 116pp. Gordon's work is the definitive account of the Shomrin youth movement which set the tone for Australian Jewry's involvement in supporting the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. The second work by Eliyahu Honig draws on archival resources in Jerusalem and traces the history of Australian Zionism through the period when the Zionist Federation of Australian and New Zealand was established to its role at the beginning of World War II.

The last two items are priced at AU$40 each. Postage AU $5.00 or AU $12.00 (overseas).

Alan D. Crown. A Bibliography of the Samaritans: Supplement to the Bibliography of the Samaritans (2nd edn) published by Scarecrow Press, 1994. 19pp. (approx). Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica No. 8. 1996. Cost AU$10.00 (paperback only available). Postage AU$2.00 and AU $5.00 (overseas).

Israel Kipen's: Ahad Ha-am: The Zionism of the Future. Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica no 9. 1997. 187pp. This work deals in depth with the philosophical underpinnings of Zionism as an interpretation of Jewish history and as a political ideology. Cost AU$20.00. Postage AU$5.00- overseas AU$12.00.

Archive Publications in Progress

It has been decided to defer publication in hard copy the Union list of Australian Jewish Periodicals. Future plans include installing it as pdf files.

The Archive continues to attract a wide variety of users who include students from overseas universities, as well as local users who include authors, writers or museum curators and researchers preparing exhibitions.

The image featured in this bulletin is Noah's ark of Genesis 8, another of the windows the late Louis Kahan designed for the Kew Hebrew Congregation.

The Archive wishes to thank the University of Sydney Library for technical support of the Archive, as well as the Mandelbaum Trust for its financial support and the Friends of the Archive for their ongoing support of the Archive's projects, both financially and in the supplying of records and information. On the fourth of July 2003, the Archive will have been in operation for twenty years. Kahan window


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