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August 2009

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August 2009

The Casual Bulletin now appears on the Archive website as an electronic journal, and is published once or twice a year. The Archive of Australian Judaica has now been in existence for twenty-six years at the Univeristy of Sydney.

PDF version of Bulletin 44

The Archive was established to halt the deterioration and destruction of records that traced the growth of the Australian Jewish community and to centralise these records in a research repository that would be accessible to researchers. In the course of the years, the Archive now houses the records of some key Australian Jewish organisations including the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies and the Australian Zionist Federation and the records of some 79 individuoas who have contributed to Australian Jewish life and the life of the nation. Notable among these are papers and photographs from the acclaimed Australian author Nancy Keesing, Max Joseph and Ruby Rich-Schalit.


The Archive wishes to thank:

Sophie Caplanwho continues to donate journals, broadsheets, and papers on a regular basis. These contributions have formed the basis of the archive ephemera collection, which is now substantial.

* Ilana Cohen for ephemera, some journals and minutes of Academy BJE, the Great Synagogue, Judean Scouts, Woman Power and the Yeshivah.

* Professor Henry Cowan for a box of early papers on the Technion society, Hillel and the New South Wales Friends of the Hebrew University. He is Professor Emeritus of Archictecture at the Univeristy of Sydney and a founder of the Technion Society of Australia in 1957 to support the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa. The society continues to foster academic and scientific exchange, to provide scholarships for students and engages in fundraising and social activities.

*Sam Havinfor Even Stiy'ah (The Foundation Stone): Orthodoxy in Carlton and surrounding Suburbs published by his hephew David j. Havin, as well as several articles on Carlton Jewry.

Journal Bibliography

The Union list of Australian Jewish periodical publications was last published in hard copy in 1986 and then incorporated in the first edition of the Bibliography of Australian Judaica. For several years it has been available 'online' on the website. However,it is hoped that a printed verson of a limited edition can be published. A new edition of the catalogue wiall be printed later in the year. It is kept updated on the webpage.

Yiddish documents

The Archive houses some handwritten Yiddish documents, namely from Boaz Bischofswerder and Lazarus SAchs. the former has been microfilmed. Sach's collection has one artailce on hannukah and pages of notes. This material has been preserved for furutre research.

Archive Publications

The sheet music of Mi Adir, Sheva B'rochot and Phantasia Judaica (by Boaz Bischofswerder), which was initially composed on the Dunera may be purchased from the Archivist for AU$22 (includes GST) each plus postage (AU$5 local, AU$10 overseas).

Copies of Monograph No 12: Early Australian Zionism: An Annotated Index of Records in the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem. Part 2. 50pp are available from the Archivist for AU$10.00 (includes GST) + $1.00 postage (AU$3.00 overseas).

In addition, copies of the catalogue will continue to be updated on the internet, as well as some copies printed on request. The online catalogue on the web is kept up to date.

The Archive continues to attract a wide variety of users including museum curators, students of higher degrees from overseas universities, as well as local students, authors, film makers, journalists, writers and researchers preparing exhibitions.

We wish to thank the University of Sydney Library for housing and technical support of the Archive, the Mandelbaum Trust for its financial support and the Friends of the Archive for their financial help with the Archive's projects, and in the supplying of records and information.

The image shows a stained glass window, one of a series at Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne.

PDF version of PERIODICAL PUBliCATIONS FROM THE AUStrAliAN JEWISH COMMUNITY, 6th edition (Sydney, Archive of Australian Judaica, University of Sydney Library, 2008), first published in 1986. This edition totals 205 pages numbered in arabic numerals (i-iv, 1-206, ie. 211 pages including the title page).


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Archive of Australian Judaica,

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Project Directors: John Shipp, University Librarian.

Alan Crown, Emeritus Professor in Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies

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