PhotoExhibit 1

Michaelis, Hallenstein and Hart families

(1870's -80's)

Just before her final illness became manifest, the Jewish author, poet and social historian Nancy Keesing (wife of Dr A.M. Hertzberg) presented the archive with two large volumes of nineteenth century family photos from her mother's side, of the Michaelis, Hallenstein and Hart families. These photos are important for social historians as they portray images of prominent Anglo-Jewish families who settled both in New Zealand (Dunedin) and Australia in the last third of the nineteenth century. Descendants of these families live in Melbourne,Sydney and Darwin and other states.


On the far right is depicted the 1880's double wedding of the two sisters Helene and Florence Michaelis, the latter being the maternal grandmother of Nancy Keesing. The middle photo shows Florence (Michaelis) with Hyam Hart her husband, the maternal grandparents of Nancy Keesing. The photo on the far right shows Fred Michaelis, the great grandfather of Dr Robert Parker, from Darwin, a cousin of Nancy Keesing.


On the far left is Isabella Hart (her maiden name was also Hart), who was born in 1827 and married Edward Hart. Hyam Hart, the grandfather of Nancy Keesing, was their son. The middle photo shows George Michaelis (Dunedin), and on the far right is Ernest Michaelis.

Photographs in the possession of Dr. Robert Parker

Photos courtesy of Robert Parker. Dr Parker continues to prepare genealogical material on CDs which he is making available to the archive. Tom Keesing's memoirs. PDF version of Keesing Family Tree. Please note Donald should come before Roger on the family tree. Dates for Donald are November 11, 1933 - April 25, 2004 and that of Roger May 16, 1935 - May 7, 1993. Information from Audrey Keesing, Hawaii.