PhotoExhibit 14

Early Australian Zionism

2nd Zionist Conference
Second Zionist Conference, 1929

The second biannual conference of the Australian Zionist Federation was held in Sydney at the Maccabean Hall, Darlinghurst from 19th -21st May, 1929. Since the first conference that had been held in Melbourne in 1927, under the patronage of Sr John Monash, the zionist movement had grown in stature and scope. However, in 1930, it was decided to longer employ a paid secretary, which precipitated the departure of Ettinger, and a subsequent loss of vitality in the movement.

From left to right in the front row are a distinguised Hebraist, then Samuel Ochert (father of M.S. Ochert of Taringa, Queensland, and founder of the Sydney Zionists), Rev Nathan Levine (Brisbane Hebrew Congregation) Mr Goldberg, N. Ettinger (General Secretary of the ZFA), Rabbi Israel Brodie (St Kilda Hebrew Congregation)(President), Rev. L. A. Falk and Rev. I. Morris (Newcastle). In the third row on the left are Dr Fanny Reading and Ruby Rich.

Also depicted are: Rabbi F.L. Cohen (Great Synagogue) (centre, next to lady in fur coat, who is flanked by Mrs Cohen). Alderman E. S. Marks is behind Mrs Cohen and to the right of E.S. Marks is the Rev Lenger who is next to John Goulston. Mr M. Symonds is second from the right of row 2, with S. Kessler (a diamond dealer) on the end of the second row (right).

Rev M. Einfeld (identification uncertain) and Mrs Einfeld are also depicted on the right of the photo.

Also present were: Phillip Moses, Mrs J. Rosenfeld, Mrs J. Whitfeld, and M.S. Symonds (vice-President of the ZFA).

New Zionist Conference 1940s

The photo was taken in the 1940s. Rabbi L. A. Falk (in army uniform in his role as army chaplain) is in the middle of the front row. This was the decade that witnessed the famous debate over zionism and the State of Israel between Sir Isaacs Isaacs and Professor Julius Stone that was fought in the columns of the Hebrew Standard of Australasia. Australian Jewry was divided in its support for the creation of the State of Israel and those who opposed it, believing it to be disloyalty to Britain. .
New zionist conference