PhotoExhibit 2

Hephzibah Menuhin


Pianist, Social Worker, Reformer, Feminist

Hephzibah Menuhin was born in San Francisco and began to study piano at the age of four. She was eight when she gave her first recital and lived for eight years in France, Switzerland and Italy, studying under Marcel Ciampi. Her next public appearances were with her brother Yehudi. She continued to give sonata recitals in most of the major cities of Europe and America.

In 1938 she married a Victorian sheep farmer, Lindsay Nicholas and settled in Australia for 19 years. In 1954 she moved to Sydney where she gave concerts and opened her home to anyone in need. Three years later she settled in London. She and her second husband Richard Hauser set up the Centre for Human Rights and Responsibilities.

Hephzibah was a long time friend of Ruby Rich-Schalit and their correspondence is preserved in the Archive. After Hephzibah's untimely death from cancer at the age of 61, a Hephzibah Menuhin Memorial Scholarship fund for young pianists was established in conjunction with the NSW State Conservatorium of Music.


1. Left photograph: Hephzibah and Yehudi Menuhin

2. Centre photograph: Hephzibah Menuhin. This photograph was accompanied by the following message:

To dearest Ruby Rich, a fellow soul to all who love peace and music and who through their fellowship in both, will help to shape a world for for children to live in, for all children to live in!
from her friend, Hephzibah August 1977

3. Right photograph: A programme for a fundraising concert for the Hephzibah Memorial Scholarship Fund (early 1980's).