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Rev. Moses Rintel
Rev Moses Rintel

First chief minister of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation 1849-1857 (Bourke Street Synagogue)

The real beginnings of Jewish settlement in Port Phillip (later known as Victoria) date from 1839 with the arrival of the first immigrant ship from England, the "Hope". During that first year, Solomon Benjamin and Michael Cashmore gathered at the home of Mr Lazarus in Collins Street for worship at the time of the Jewish High Holydays. In 1840, their numbers were sufficient to form a "minyan" with the arrival in the Colony of Edward and Isaac Hart, S. H. Harris and Isaac Lincoln. Rev Moses Rintel arrived in 1849 from Edinburgh and served as the first chief minister of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation till 1886. A small synagogue had been built in 1847 at what is now 472 Bourke Street with the foundation stone for a larger synagogue being laid in March 1855.

Albert Singer
Albert Singer

Mrs Evelina Rintel was the daughter of John Hart.

John Hart, Evalina's father
John Hart

Rev Rintel married Evelina on 22nd August 1849, A. H. Hart acting as a celebrant, according to Goldman's The Jews of Victoria. Her sister Louise married Samuel de Beer. Another Hart, Elizabeth, married Albert Singer from Dunedin, New Zealand. Isidore de Beer married Emily Hallenstein.

Mrs Evelina Rintel (nee Hart)
Mrs Evelina Rintel (nee Hart)

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