PhotoExhibit 9

Aaron Aaron and Sephardi Synagogue


The late Aaron Aaron and his brother Reuben Aaron were foundation members of the Sephardi Synagogue in Sydney in the 1950s. Over the years Aaron presented the Archive with papers and photographs, some of which are featured on this web page. The Sydney Sephardi community counts among its members refugees and immigrants from Egypt, India, and parts of the Middle East. Many of these migrated in the 1950s. When Australia changed its White Australia policy in the 1970s more Sephardi Jews were able to come to Australia under the new migration laws.

Pure silver torah case hand made in Delhi in memory of Mordecai Saul.

At back (standing) Aaron Aaron. L to R. Sir Zelman Cowan, Ellis Jacob, Lady Anna Cowan,and Rabbi Simon Silas, the first rabbi of the synagogue, who arrived in August 1963 and guided the congregation till August 1980.

Louis Klein, former proprietor of The Australian Jewish News on right. During this time, Eve Symon was the editor and Mike Golland the managing director. Louis Klein's daughter, Susan Bures was editor of the newspaper for more than a decade. On the left of the photo is Reuben Aaron, the younger brother of Aaron Aaron.

Aaron Aaron and Rabbi Dr Sol Gaon in 1975.

The foundation stone of the Sephardi Synagogue, Woollahra was consecrated on July 15th, 1962, by Jacob Aaron, the uncle of Aaron Aaron, who donated more than nine thousand pounds towards the construction of the building.